Join our affiliate program and earn minimum 10% commission on each sale. Your customers will receive a 10% or more discount coupon which will also match our store holiday sales, so you never miss out on potential commission.

Your customers are linked to you, so future sales continue to generate income…and its free to sign up!

  • Level 1 (1 sale) = 10% commission
  • Level 2 (5 sales) = 10% commission + $20 Bonus cash
  • Level 3  (10 sales) = 15% commission + $20 Bonus cash
  • Level 4 (25 sales) = 20% commission + $20 Bonus cash


    You will receive both an affiliate link and a coupon code. You should use both to maximize your earning. 

    • Affiliate Link:  You will receive this immediately on signing up. Post it on your bio or in your swipe-ups.
    • Coupon Code: To receive your code, you MUST email and request your code to be generated. This will then be linked to your affiliate account. 

    If a customer buys, they become permanently linked to you, but we also use cookies to track codes for up to 365 days. So even if they don’t buy that day, if someone clicks your link, they will be tracked under you.